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Recycled Map Stationery - 1967 Boston


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Seahorse Necklace


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Message in a Bottle Necklace


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Good Karma Bracelet - Natural Hemp


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Recycled Map Stationery - Sierra Club


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Recycled Map Stationery - 1966 Yosemite National Park


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Dote Handmade Goods - Simple, Elegant Handmade Jewelry, Hemp Karma Jewelry, Recycled Map Stationery

Welcome to Dote Handmade Goods!

Dote: (verb) to be extremely and uncritically fond of.

Nature-inspired jewelry, Recycled Map Stationeryâ„¢, accessories, photographic prints, and home decor. I use recycled, re-purposed, or natural materials whenever possible!

A big thank you to the following media outlets for featuring my work:
Shojo Beat magazine | Sock Pr0n | FocusOrganic | Poesia Design | Great Little Stories | Artsy Rubbish | Life in Forsyth | Cosa Verde | 5 Minutes for Going Green | Green Upgrader | Studio M.M.E.Stutterings | A Perfect Peach | Bright Bold Beautiful | Only the Best of Etsy | Indie Fixx | Try Handmade | ByHand.me | The Best Things | Funny Sky Creations | Absolutely Delish | The Bowerbird | Paper Doll Romance | On the Search for Hidden Treasure | 6th Street Design School | Groovy Gal Designs | The Scarlet Poppe

Recycled Map Stationery is available in person at:
Re-Inspiration - Atlanta, Georgia
MADE - Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Abel & Lovely - Charlotte, Vermont
Queen City Emporium - Springfield, Missouri