I always have my fingers in many pies at once. I have been crafting and creating pretty much all my life, and it is the one thing that makes me feel most fulfilled and satisfied.

I love to make cards because I really enjoy sending and receiving mail, and pretty mail is even better! I also have a passion for the adage, "Reduce, reuse, recycle." All of my cards are recycled from vintage books, magazines and other publications, saving beautiful photography from the landfill and giving it a second incarnation as stationery. Each card is one-of-a-kind and will not be reproduced (since I did not create the original images).

I also make beaded jewelry for which I derive inspiration mainly from the materials themselves. Often an idea will come to me the longer I hold something and play with it. The best ideas are often not the first design in which a particular bead or object is included. I love bright colors, earth tones, and modern, minimalist design.

In general, I like to turn all kinds of discarded objects into something useful and cool again. One never knows what might come out of my studio! I have many different tastes, so the things I produce are sometimes whimsical, sometimes funny, sometimes elegant, sometimes earthy, but always high quality.

In the "real world," I have a lot of jobs! I am a freelance graphic artist and web designer doing everything from designing fliers, websites, postcards, business cards, and email blasts to helping clients develop a personal marketing strategy including logos and branding.

I also do lots of random freelance work involving anything creative that someone might need, from designing and planning theme parties to restoring old photographs and designing invitations and personalized scrapbooks.

If you have questions about absolutely anything, please feel free to contact me using the "contact seller" link on the front page of the shop. I will to respond to any inquiries within 24 hours.

You can also email me at hey_meg [!at] hotmail.com.

I have a blog at http://meggitymegs.wordpress.com.

Best wishes and thank you for supporting handmade artisans!
~Maegan Beard

Dote Handmade Goods - Simple, Elegant Handmade Jewelry, Hemp Karma Jewelry, Recycled Map Stationery

Welcome to Dote Handmade Goods!

Dote: (verb) to be extremely and uncritically fond of.

Nature-inspired jewelry, Recycled Map Stationeryâ„¢, accessories, photographic prints, and home decor. I use recycled, re-purposed, or natural materials whenever possible!

A big thank you to the following media outlets for featuring my work:
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Recycled Map Stationery is available in person at:
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